Terms and Conditions of Use

By registering with Recogito, you confirm that you accept the following Terms and Conditions of Use, and that you agree to comply with them:

  • Storage of personal information. You consent that Recogito stores your username, personal name (optional), your E-Mail address, the documents that you upload, annotation data that is added to them, and statistics derived from these annotations. Recogito will not store any more data than it needs to provide a functional annotation services, as described in our tutorial.
  • Storage of your E-Mail address is for the purpose of sending instructions for resetting your password in case you forget it. We will not share this address with anyone, nor use it to send out information on a regular basis (newsletters, etc.) We may, however, use it to get in touch with specific important or urgent information, should the need ever arise.
  • You may upload any documents that you wish to your own private workspace. You may also invite other Recogito users to collaborate. However, you and your collaborators must not make any copyrighted materials open to the public.
  • Documents are, by default, not open to the public. They will only be made publicly available if the owner (or someone who has been granted 'admin' rights by the owner) checks the 'public view' tickbox. This box should be ticked if, and only if, the document is not under copyright, or if you are the copyright holder.
  • If you are invited to work on a document in Recogito you are prohibited by UK copyright law from copying the contents and re-posting elsewhere.
  • Recogito and the Pelagios team assume no responsibility for misuse of this service to open copyrighted materials to the public, and reserves the right to immediately remove materials suspected of violating copyright laws and suspend access during any account review. In the case of disputed materials, we will follow UK copyright laws unless otherwise noted.
  • You consent to have all your annotations released immediately into the public under the Creative Commons CC0 ('CC Zero') 1.0 Universal license.

By not complying with any of these terms and conditions, you forfeit your right to use Recogito. The final judgement on any disputes will be made by the Pelagios Commons Committee.

Pelagios Commons provides free access to Recogito in the spirit of open data and as an act of collegiality. We make no guarantees about access to this service at any time or about contents held in the system, nor do we accept any liability whatsoever in case of loss of data. Users are encouraged to download and maintain a private record of annotations produced.